October 2016


how to find good renters for your rental properties in Canada

If you are a landlord in Canada, the most important thing you want to have are good renters. They are relatively difficult to find because you cannot know a person fully after your first meeting. When you talk to interested tenants, they would always tell you the things you want to hear. You cannot expect them to be completely honest. Before you look for a good renter for your property in Canada, you need to establish what a good renter is first. You have to define what you are looking for. This will help you in your quest on how to find good renters for your rental properties in Canada.   Who is a good tenant? A good tenant is someone who reads your conditions and rental agreement. He must also adhere to these conditions. In addition, the renter should take care of the property as if it was his own. This means that he is willing to keep the property clean and in order. He should also see to it that if he invites visitors over, they would respect the property and would not cause any intentional damages. It is also important that the tenant is respectful. If there…


3 Tips to Collect Money from Renters

A lot of people are looking for 3 tips to collect money from renters. Landlords across the nation want to know more about this interesting topic as well. We are going to let you know more about this here with our top 3 Tips to Collect Money from Renters Automatic Payment Making the payment that you get from your rents an automatic operation is always a good idea. This auto-deduct or auto pay system will allow you to avoid a lot of headaches in the future as well. This is probably the best thing you can do to collect rent these days. You can take advantage of the wide array of systems that can be found out there. These systems make it easy for you to get the money in your bank account automatically. Choosing Tenants Wisely Picking up the right tenants might not be so easy these days. Set your criteria of selection and trust your guts. If you see that a prospective renter has too much debt, this should raise a red flag right away in your mind. Your renter`s regular income should be at least 3 times the amount of the rent or even more. Talk to…


3 Tips to Buying an Investment Property

Classified as an investment property is any property that is obtained with the purpose of gaining and expecting returns. Apartment building, single-family dwelling, a vacant lot or a commercial property are the forms of investment property. Investing is a very scary and exciting venture. There are several things you must consider when you are looking for that perfect investment property. Here are 3 tips to buying an investment property 1. Consider a specific investment property by understanding how it will perform as an income builder. Whether you’re purchasing a house to live in temporarily or a flat to lease to tenants, later on, you should see if the property will get a good value should you rent it out; it is also known as the price-to-earnings ratio. Each time a property investment is estimated to collect substantial rent, this usually indicates that the property is of significant worth and that you’ll be able to sell the place for a great return. This means that you could probably acquire great returns in your property investment, whether you choose to rent it out or sell it. 2. Understand your risks as a real estate buyer. Once you identify and understand the natural…